Realistic approach to nutrition and meal plans. Worked with me to find a happy balance that was right for me. As a Crohn’s sufferer it was great to learn how diet could improve my bowel health and complement other medicinal efforts. A great support!

– Jessica Rensen, Operations Manager, Crohn’s Disease

The team at Key Nutrition are absolutely fantastic! They are really supportive and worked really closely with me to help me achieve a balanced, nutritious lifestyle. I have learnt some really valuable information from Annelies and I am able to carry on using this in my everyday life. Thanks Annelies!

– Louise Maio, Airport Staff Member, Balanced Lifestyle 


For over three years I have been bulimic and I didn’t see a way out, it all seemed so hard. I knew I was hurting my body, I hadn’t had a period in two years! and my mental health was in dir need of a helping hand. On seeing an add about the hormone Dutch test offered by Key Nutrition I took the first step in realising I need to help myself. From the get go Annelies was super supportive and understanding, her calm kind nature came across every time we spoke. I went from having a bad relationship with food , hormone problems, gut problems, sleeping problems and being overstressed to no problems at all and a healthy relationship with food in just three months ! All thanks to her. I will forever have healthy habits and it all comes down to my time with Annelies. I would recommend her to anyone struggling or just wanting some knowledge  for a healthy happy future. 

 Jasmine Hope, Navy, Balanced Lifestyle, Hormonal Balance and Weight Loss 



Life gets busy and sometimes you just need a little support. I am a vegetarian who used to love going to the gym and I always try to eat healthy. That being said, life got busy and my health routine truly went out the window. I was not finding/making the time to work out as much and felt guilty/lazy for it, was constantly tired and started stressing out about food (what to eat, getting enough protein, portion control). Annelies helped me focus on small yet achievable goals based on where I was at in my life, and I went from getting my nutrition back on track (it is all about the Sunday meal prep!) to getting myself back into a workout routine. I have found my balance back (lost body fat and increase muscle mass in the process) and cannot thank Annelies enough for all the support. She is knowledgeable, provides practical advice (not unrealistic fad diet stuff), is non-judgmental yet she keeps you in check. Whatever your goals, I highly recommend getting support from Annelies to get there.
– Lise Dovil, Procurement Manager, Balanced Lifestyle, Fat loss, Muscle Gain 



As a busy woman, shift worker, and 3-5 times per week Crossfitter, I was getting frustrated with not seeing progress towards my goals and I was overwhelmed with all the nutritional information out there. I reached out to Annelies as I felt I needed an extra hand. I wanted to drop a few kgs of fat and increase my Crossfit performance, basically just shift my body composition and have more energy.

Annelies helped me decrease my body-fat % as well as improve my relationship with food. We looked at improving my sleep quality as this was affected by my shift work, In turn affecting my hunger/satiety hormones. She also helped me make sure that I was eating enough to aid my performance in Crossfit, and that I wasn’t depriving myself of any yummy food/nutrients. She had a more laid back and balanced approach which I needed. She helped me be more consistent with my nutritional choices and not fret about any “slip-ups”. In fact I don’t even call them slip ups anymore. I now have a more mindful approach to what I eat, I am more in tune with my hunger and satiety cues, I am eating well and I am making personal bests at the gym. Thank you, Annelies for your guidance and for helping me get closer to my goals without going crazy! I highly recommend Annelies to anyone struggling to get a handle on their health goals or who just needs an extra helping hand.

– Monique Botha, Shift Work Nurse , Weight Loss, Crossfit Performance and mindful eating 



I’m so pleased I found Annelies!!  She has helped me get on track and stay on track.  Within 1 week, I had more energy and had noticed my clothes were getting looser.  I love the meals and even my kids ate most of them.  We still use the meal plans now even after the 12 week plan. She really gets that life happens and sometimes you just need to for with it, as long as you get back on track sooner rather than later. I have walked away with a fabulous recipe book, a few kilos lighter.I couldn’t recommend her enough to people.
– Sarah Little, Office Admin, Fat loss/ Balanced Lifestyle 



I’ve been working with Annelies recently as I’ve had problems with hormonal acne. After being on the 6 week skin nutrition programme aand it’s safe to say that the programme has been better than expected and I know for a fact that cutting out gluten, dairy and sugar has helped IMMENSELY! My skin is clearing up and there has been a reduction in the amount of new acne forming. I have tried literally EVERYTHING to get my skin under control, including trying to figure out my own nutrition requirements, but nothing works like going to a professional for help. It’s safe to say this will be a long term lifestyle change of no longer eating these types of foods and hopefully to a life with less concerns about my skin.
– Casey Brahne, Research Analyst, Hormonal Acne 



I sought advice from Annelies to make sure that I was getting all of the nutrition I needed being fully plant based as well as support to help me continue to loose some excess weight. Annelies was funny, warm, friendly and most of all so knowledgeable. She made it so easy to make small changes to my food intake that kept in line with my busy lifestyle and showing support when I had an ‘off the rail’ weekend. I had been to see non qualified nutritionists in the past through gyms etc I visited and Annelies is on another level, I have so many recipes and have come away with a wealth of knowledge. At the moment I feel confident enough to keep up with what I am doing without regular check ins however, if I get stuck in a rut or need more support I would not even hesitate to start up consistent sessions with Annelies again! I would not hesitate to recommend Annelies to any of my friends and family and stress the importance of seeing someone who is qualified and passionate. thanks Annelies for helping me continue on my path to happiness in my own skin!
– Frankie Buckman, School Teacher, Balanced Lifestyle 


I really liked how you took the time to get to know me and what my life looked like in order to recommend a menu plan that would work. You seemed very approachable which made it really easy to talk to you about what I struggle with in regards to nutrition. You showed understanding, no judgement, and acknowledged individual difference and grey areas (as opposed to just having one right or wrong approach). I think the trust you build is important to encourage honest conversations with your clients about nutrition because it can be confronting and feel vulnerable to open up about what you don’t like about yourself (e.g. eating habits, weight). I will absolutely consult you again in the future and recommend you to friends. I really like that you seek feedback and incorporate it into what you do (e.g. the menu plan adjustments you were telling me about)loss and Muscle Gain.

– Tina Audhem, Office, Fat Loss


Annelies was great! She tailored my meal plans every month so that it suited in with my busy lifestyle. She also made it easy to stick to and set realistic goals for me that with her help I was able to achieve. If you’re looking for an achievable plan that you can stick to long term than Annelies is your gal!
– Krystal Abey-Leenders, Journalist, Fat loss/ Muscle Gain 



Thought I might benefit from the guidance and support a qualified nutritionist can give… really want to sort my auto immune disease with an anti-inflammatory diet at the same time making sure I am getting all the necessary fuel to lead a super active life. Highly recommend the Key Nutrition team as a diet guide! She has helped me control some of my Rheumatoid Arthritis symptoms via my diet!
– Diana Rensen, Bee Keeper, Autoimmune Disease

I was treated by the Key Nutrition team for a number of months and her work with me had a significant benefits on not only my lifestyle but also around my sporting performance. I feel very lucky to have had Miss Grimshaw as my nutritionist whilst I was in Auckland, Annelies made my life a lot easier by constructing an incredibly helpful dietary plan which was tailored to my needs and requirements as well as my goals. This was filled with information but it was broken down into concise daily chunks which were incredibly easy to absorb. I was also lucky enough to be given quality advice as to which supplements I should be taking to recover properly which had great results. All of the above has enabled me to learn considerably more about nutrition in general which I have found particularly interesting and I can’t thank Annelies enough for this.
– Rafe Yewdall, Professional Rugby Player, Sports Nutrition 


I cannot thank Annelies enough for everything she has taught me in such a short space of time. My whole life I have struggled with my relationship with food and reaching a certain weight. Since meeting Annelies she has taught me to not be afraid of any foods, and to live a balanced lifestyle that I can maintain forever, I don’t only look better on the outside but I feel SO incredibly good on the inside. I don’t and never have felt like I’m on a diet or restricting what I eat, I’m just simply eating foods that I know are nourishing my body so I can be the best me I can be !! The knowledge I’ve gained is incredible! Thank you so much Annelies you are the best! 

– Mollie. D, Full-time Mum, Weight loss, Balance and building a good relationship with food


Thank you Key Nutrition for being so awesome! Losing weight/Body Fat has never been so easy. I do my own weight training programs but needed help with my nutrition and so I asked Annelies for her help with my nutrition just so I could get started on prepping for a bodybuilding competition and within 12 weeks I was able to drop from 102 to 88kgs and the abs were showing!  I was impressed on how Professional her nutrition plans were set up and how easy it was to follow. I liked that she would always follow up on how I was going whether there was any issues with the plan. There have been times because I would be based on Camp Sites that she was able to cater and or change the plans so that it would reflect the food that I had access too. I should also note that how quickly she would respond too. I would definitely recommend Annelies to anyone that need help to get leaned up for a Bodybuilding show.
– Richard Tigafua, Personal Trainer, Body Building

Annelies from key nutrition has changed my life . I have never had a good relationship with food and would often eat fast foods. This habit started from childhood , then formed after competing in a body building competition, then after the loss of my dad which triggered comfort eating . This effected my life in so many negative ways , I couldn’t wake up in the mornings , I was always napping and the weight gain had spiraled out of control . When I met Annelies , she created an easy program that suited my needs and my busy life . I never once felt like I was “on a diet “ or trying a new fad “eating plan”. I still continue to slowly loose weight month by month without having to spend hours at a gym. I have a better understanding on how to fuel my body and what foods work well . Annelies has educated me on how to make better choices for life .

- Hailey Howitt, Hairdresser, Fat Loss, Balanced Lifestyle