Neurocalm may be beneficial during times of stress, nervous tension and anxiety. So many people suffer from chronic stress which can cause serious health issues. Keep this herbal blend in your pantry or bag, so you can take one when you feel like you need something to calm or support the nervous system. Many people have noticed this improves their sleep quality. 


The anxiolytic herbs in this supplement such as zizyphus, kudzu, magnolia, and passion flower, have been used historically to help manage the mental and physical effects of stress. 


Passion flower is traditionally used for tension, anxiety, irritabilty and insomina in Western herbal medicine. In traditional Chinese medicine, pueraria releases the muscles and clears heat, assisting with headache, stiff upper back and neck. Phytonutrients from mangnolia have been shown to have anxiolytic mechanisms. 


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Neurocalm 60 tablets