Premium Organic Probiotic + Multi-Vitamin in One | 50 serves per tub | Certified gluten free | Minimum of 10 billion live bacteria per gram | 1 teaspoon per day - each tub lasts up to 7 weeks!


Immunity Fuel Gluten Free Probiotic Superfood is the ultimate combination of billions of live bacteria with the added benefit of organic wholefood nutrition, for less than $2 a day. The 15 strains of probiotics are fermented with the wholefoods for 3 weeks during which time the bacteria pre-digest the wholefoods so the nutrients are instantly absorbed into the cells of your body. The live bacteria help to strengthen the immune system and assist the promotion of digestive health. This unique formula detoxifies the body, cleans out the colon and improves food absorption. Guaranteed gluten free. Suitable for people with Coeliac disease.

Immunity Fuel Powder 150g