The Best Quality, Most Advanced and Effective Sulforaphane Product on The Planet. Period.


Cutting Edge. Convenient. 100% Organic.

At Brocshots we are proud that we are
Made in Australia from 100% Organic Australian ingredients.

1 X Brocshots Cap Yields*:

  • 30mg of Sulforaphane
  • 25mg of Sulforaphene


Sulforaphane is the most potent naturally occurring dietary activator of a human genetic pathway Nrf2 which regulates over 200 genes, including antioxidant and anti-inflammatory genes and genes that de-activate harmful compounds. Nrf2 has been described as an activator of cellular defence mechanisms, the master redox switch and a guardian of health span and gatekeeper of species longevity. 


Currently, there are more than 1,700 scientific publications on GRN and Sulforaphane. Studies have investigated the effects of Sulforaphane on many human diseases, including air pollution toxicity, radiation dermatitis, disease prevention through providing anti-inflammatory defense, and many others including being an effective treatment against Helicobacter pylori , a bacterium implicated in the cause of peptic ulcer disease and stomach cancer.




Suzanne Morris


"I am Totally in Love with BROCSHOTS!!!

I am Amazed at the health benefits & results i experienced from drinking BROCSHOTS every morning for 5 weeks.
BROCSHOTS cleared a sinus infection i had within 3 weeks.
My gut & digestive sytem also changed to a health function & all bloating diminished within the first week of consuming.
My skin & hair looked & felt smooth with a healthy glow.
I noticed my eye colour became a clear brighter blue.
I felt a clarity within my mind & thoughts.
And I absolutely loved the refreshing taste & craved it each morning.
Overall i felt Healthy, Vibrant, Energized, Happy & connected within my Mind, Body & Spirit while consuming BROCSHOTS.

I also noticed that during that 5 weeks i was given daily complements on how wonderful, healthy & glowing i looked.

BROCSHOTS are definitely an important must have in my daily health routine.
I am so Grateful to Jay for sharing this natural Power-filled product that supports my health on All levels."


Peter Oman

"I have been taking Brocshots for over 7 months on a regular basis using 3 to 4 shots per day.

In the time that I have used them my energy levels have been stable and some of my tumours in particular my spleen have reduced in size by more than 60%.

I would highly recommend Brocshots to anyone with a debilitating condition where energy levels are low and where high antioxidant levels are required to assist in the elimination of toxins etc in their systems."


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