Key Nutrition's Five Day FMD Seasonal Package Deal!


Purchase and recieve a FREE 3- Week Wholefoods Based Meal Plan (this is not the fasting meal plan) for you to follow until the Fasting Mimicking Diet begins or even post-fast! You will recieve the meal plan and the rest of your resources, including a link to access the Facebook Group in a welcome email closer to the start date of the fast (approx 3 days before fast begins).


You will also get 6 x 30 minute phone consultations before or after the fast to discuss your health goals or any burning questions you have about nutrition and health. 


Discover the new science to slow ageing, fight disease and manage your weight.


Benefits Include:

  • Reduction in visceral belly fat 
  • Autophagy 
  • Cellular regeneration and increase circulating stem cells
  • Reduction in blood sugar and cholesterol levels 
  • Reduction in inflammation 
  • Switch on fat burning, nutritional ketosis
  • Reduced brain fog


Resources Include:

  • Five Day Meal Plan ( carefully calculated)
  • Recipe Book
  • FMD Benefits and Side Effects 
  • Shopping List for the five days
  • Facebook community group where we will share our journey together


Happy Fasting! 

Annual Transformation