Luteal Phase Hormone Balancing Smoothie

To all you ladies out there I have a great smoothie for you to add into your day when you are in the luteal (post-ovulatory) phase of your menstrual cycle. Start your day off with this luteal hormone balancing smoothie OR add into your day as an afternoon snack.

During your luteal phase, our progesterone is on rise which is our fat burning, temperature regulating, pro-gestational hormone. You’ll start off feeling normal, however over the 2 weeks, your mood may begin to decline and PMS symptoms may begin. You may experience stronger sweet cravings (closer to your period) and heightened emotions. The luteal phase is a time to decrease simple carbs and start including moderate amounts of low glycemic/ high fibre carbohydrates which can stave off your sweet cravings along with good quality protein sources.

Essential nutrients to include are in my smoothie recipe:

  • Vitamin D (hello sunshine)

  • Magnesium (cacao nibs and green leafy vegetables)

  • Thiamine (peanut butter)

  • Vitamin B6 (banana)

  • Blood sugar balancer (cinnamon)

  • Protein for satiation (protein powder)

  • Adaptogen support (maca powder)

  • Phytoestrogens (sunflower and sesame seeds)

Increase water intake by an extra 500-1000ml per day as the rise in progesterone causes fluid redistribution in your body. Hence why we may gain extra weight around this time of the month so don’t stress!

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