Essential Fatty Acids or Omega 3s - why are they beneficial for healthy skin?

They play an important role in the body's structural and metabolic functions, including brain and nervous system health, hormone production, cardiovascular health, skin integrity and so much more.

The term 'essential' means that your body needs to acquire these nutrients from food as the body cannot make them in the form they are in.

Forms of omega 3s that are beneficial for skin health and primarily acne are EPA and DHA, as these have been shown to decrease inflammation and regulate hormones which are both associated with acne symptoms.

Rich omega 3 food sources include:

  • Salmon (and other fatty fish species)

  • Walnuts

  • Chia seeds

  • Flaxseeds & flaxseed oil

  • Cod liver oil

Signs that you may need more omega 3s are:

  • Dry skin, especially around the edges of your nails (hangnails), lips, face and body

  • Dry and coarse hair

  • Mood dis-regulation like low moods, irritability or poor concentration

  • Hormonal imbalances or increased symptoms of PMS

  • Joint pain

  • Excessive or build up of ear wax

A good quality omega 3 supplement prescribed at therapeutic doses will also ensure that the nutrient can work at a cellular level and increase any nutrient requirement that you may have, however this should be done under guidance of a practitioner or purchase this one from the Key Nutrition Store.

Written by our Skin Health Naturopath, Casey. You can book in for a consultation with her via clicking the link here.

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