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Metagenics is the Number One Provider of Quality Practitioner Only Natural Medicines in Australia and New Zealand. I am a proud Practitioner so can prescribe supplements when required. If you are interested in purchasing top quality supplements then email me and we can arrange to set you up with an account. 

My job as a trainer is to meet clients where they are and work with their already established lifestyle and find ways to optimise and fine tune their everyday activities to ensure what they are doing is working towards their ultimate health goals. My job as a coach is very human, I use communication, empathy and the subtleties of adjusting approaches because of my great understanding of how people think and form habits.



We are a small New Zealand family owned and operated business, based in Hikuai on the Coromandel Peninsula. Together, our mission is to help people to live happy, healthy lives, and we do this by bringing our unique probiotic products to the world. To purchase some Immunity Fuel, head to our Shop section.

Pure New Zealand Sports Supplements. Enter my discount code "KEYNUTRITION" upon checkout and receive 10% off all products!

Mixing all natural protein with organic fruits and superfoods we craft the healthiest protein blends. We keep things simple and as close as nature intended so you can build muscle and manage your weight with confidence. Enter "KEYNUTRITION" on checkout and recieve 10% off any product! 

We use quality New Zealand grass fed beef bones and New Zealand grown vegetables to make our bone broth powder.

We slow cook it the traditional way, using a family recipe that has been passed down through generations.

Finally, we gently dry the broth to remove the water and preserve the rich nutritional profile.